‘Whats The Deal Bitches’ Zine – Edition 1

‘Whats The Deal, Bitches’ is our brand spanking new zine that provides half arsed attempts at answers to lifes biggest mysteries, annoyances and enjoyments with a side of humour, feminist wisdom, celebrity advice,  pop culture, counter culture, surrealism, artistic freedom, factual findings and general absurdity.


View it, read it, ogle it online in all its flippin’ digital glory

OR if  like us you prefer the old fashioned method of having something tangible to pick and read and show off to strangers on the street or shove in peoples shopping bags when their heads are turned, then feel free download the PDF file for FREE! Yes because we’re awesome, its all for free for you to own and cherish and carry around as a companion guide to life.

Just click download. Print the 2 page PDF in A3 double sided b&w and fold into a lovely A5 pocket sized book. Alternatively keep it in its original form and let that Rebel Girl poster adorn your bedroom wall.

[easy_media_download url="http://prettyhandsomestudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/wtdb_vol1_A3print.pdf" text="DOWNLOAD" width="120" height="32" color="hot_pink" target="_blank"]

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