• ‘Madra Rua’ beer can design

Craft Beer Branding and packaging

Client: Pretty Handsome Brewing РSelf initiated project for our home brew beer collection

Project Info:¬† Branding and label design for Red IPA and Black IPA – ‘Madra Rua’ – Translates to ‘Red dog’ and is the Gaelic for Fox. ‘Madra Dubh’-¬†Translates to ‘Black dog’.

Pretty Handsome beer branding

Pretty Handsome beer branding

'Madra Rua' craft beer design

‘Madra Rua’ craft beer design

'Madra Rua' Craft beer branding

‘Madra Rua’ Craft beer branding

'Madra dubh' craft beer branding

‘Madra dubh’ craft beer branding

'Madra Rua' beer can design

‘Madra Rua’ beer can design