Original exhibition artwork

Project: Original visual art exhibition work which was displayed in various galleries and events in Ireland in 2015 including KFest Arts Festival – Co. Kerry, The Vision Centre and Camden Palace Arts Centre – Cork

Media: Original artwork created using various media and print methods including pen and ink illustration, screenprint, lino cut and print.

Initial steps of preparatory sketch and print work

Pencil work on rough lino print

Pencil work on rough lino print

totem sketch

wolf lino and print

Complete and framed artwork on exhibition display

'Totem' pen and ink illustration

‘Totem’ pen and ink illustration

'Patti Smith' screenprint on copperplate

‘Patti Smith’ screenprint on copperplate

'Wolf', 'Raven', 'Ram' - Limited run Lino print

‘Wolf’, ‘Raven’, ‘Ram’ – Limited run Lino print

'Lung 1&2', 'Good heart gone bad' - lino print

‘Lung 1&2’, ‘Good heart gone bad’ – lino print

Kfest Arts Festival 2015 - exhibition

Kfest Arts Festival 2015 – exhibition

'Blue', 'Red', 'Green' - screenprint trio

‘Blue’, ‘Red’, ‘Green’ – screenprint trio